Transcription America - SCAM

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With 1 in 5 Americans unemployed during this horrendous economy, you would think that employment websites like would list ACTUAL jobs and screen the millions of hoaxes and scams that are out there!!THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM FOLKS FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO WAS LAID OFF BY THE FED.

GOVT. AND IS OVERQUALIFIED FOR SO MANY PIDDLY JOBS! Transcom, or is just one of those hoaxes. They send you an online medical transcription file to transcribe and once you send it in and pass, they send you this long, long drawn out letter how they are going to train you at home....just one catch, though!

You have to purchase their $500.00 equipment!! DON'T BE A SUCKER FOLKS!

If we started turning these blood suckers into the BBB and Attorney General of their states, maybe we just might change finding a real job to pay our bills!

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I'm so thankful I googled this organization.I had this funny feeling, and went to see what came up from Google.

Trust your instincts.If it feels wrong, there's a reason you feel that way.

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